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When talking historical figures who shocked and scandalized their age's societal standards, Swiss Replica Richard Mille RM 69 don't immediately come to many people's heads. On the other hand, the history of horology is rife with"sensual timepieces" -- replica watches which depicted sexually suggestive scenes in their dials, frequently using mechanical automaton characters to mimic acts of libertine enjoyment that could certainly have stunned people in polite society. Some such timepiecesthat have been frequently banned and confiscated because of their breaking with modern moral, spiritual, and political traditions, have lived to this very day as rare collectors' pieces.

Some modern-day replica watch manufacturers -- Perrelet and Graham are examples -- have set their own variations of wrist-bound erotica. Currently Richard Mille introduces its very own, very different spin on the classical sensual view: the suggestively called (and numbered) richard mille rm 69 replica. (Click on photographs for larger pictures )

The replica watch doesn't utilize automatons or miniature-painted erotica scenes onto its own dial but chooses instead for a rotating screen of enchanting"gloomy talk," with arbitrary but carefully selected phrases and words inscribed on three grade 5 ceramic rollers, the highlight of Richard Mille's brand new"Oracle" complication. This function permits the wearer to trigger the Tibetan prayer-wheel-like rollers -- hence forming many different flirtatious phrases which may reach the wearer a telephone number or a sexual harassment suit, based upon the situation -- on petition, simply by pressing on the pusher at 10 o'clock. (The photographs above and below provide a hint of a few of the possibilities)

The manual-winding tourbillon grade of this RM 69, built in collaboration with Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi, has a baseplate machined in grade 5 titanium. It features a total of 505 parts, such as 41 stones, and is very compact as a result of its"Duoplan structure," which empowers the tourbillon (whose carriage rotates at 3 Hz and contains steep bridges) and barrel to be aligned to precisely the exact same axis. The barrel shops an extra-long power book of (you guessed it) 69 hours, and this can be exhibited in a new aperture at 4 o'clock in the shape of a judge powered by way of a planetary differential.

richard mille rm 69 tourbillon replica's engineers have developed to this motion a mechanism which allows the hands to rest loose of your gear train, the goal is to boost the visibility of this replica watch's most important attraction, the sensual messages on its own trio of loops. Only press on the push-piece in 8 o'clock to create the palms briefly vanish; discharge it to reunite them mechanically with their rightful timekeeping (ahem) positions.

A limited edition of just 30 bits, this enchanting timepiece sells for $750,000 and will be accessible only in Richard Mille's 24 stalls worldwide.