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The manufacturer has been associated with quite high-end sports replica watches, such as replica watches created for race car drivers, divers, and a renowned golfer and tennis player; this is its original recorded replica watch for pilots. Its three-part, 50-mm circumstance, made from titanium, reproduces the substances and visual codes used in the aviation market. It exhibits much of the identical information supplied from the renowned E6-B flight computer, formulated by U.S. Naval Lieutenant Philip Dalton throughout the 1930s. The Replica Richard Mille RM 39-01 -- the first on earth to include these complications -- can also be outfitted with a UTC hand, a countdown style, an outsized date at 12 o'clock along with a purpose selector. Additionally, it offers a flyback chronograph with a distinctive design. Together with the E6-B flight pc scales, this complication gives pilots with a quick, practical apparatus for measuring a set of successive elapsed occasions when browsing through distinct marker points.

The user may start or stop the chronograph using a pusher situated at 10 o'clock. The flyback function could be reset to zero anytime utilizing the pusher at 8 o'clock. To utilize the hands of this chronograph minutes counter in countdown mode, press on the pusher in 9 o'clock once. A aperture o'clock then exhibits the mode chosen:"ON" to get countdown style and"OFF" to get chronograph mode. The pusher in 4 o'clock allows the hand to be corrected fast between 59 minutes and 01 minutes. Pressing lightly will progress the hands by one moment, while pressing firmly will progress it by 5 minutes. When the countdown period was put, the pusher in 10 o'clock may be employed to begin the chronograph. When the moments hand reaches zero, the screen 7 o'clock varies to"OFF." At any time, the purpose could be reset to zero through the flyback by pressing on the pusher at 8 o'clock. (Click on photographs for larger pictures )

The RM 039 Aviation E6-B also comprises an oversize date screen, set at 12 o'clock, which utilizes two skeletonized calendar discs. The pusher at two o'clock is for simple date correction. The replica watch's UTC function shows another time zone by way of a Super-LumiNova-filled hand. The replica watch can also be outfitted with a function selector, very similar to a car's gearbox, where a push-button located in the middle of the crown enables you to pick the twisting, impartial and hand-setting functions using an easy push.

The case contains two bezels, one fixed and one rotatingshaft, which supply the E6-B slide rule info. The rotating bezel has yellow moves revealing a logarithmic scale (in 10 to 99) and units of measurement, in red, which may be employed to convert the dimensions used in aeronautics. The signs shown in yellow on the outside in 9 o'clock permit the air temperature to be chosen from -60ˇăC into +50ˇăC. This is vital for calculating actual altitude in flight concerning temperature. An elevation scale is offered using a reddish transfer on the exterior of the bezel at 12 o'clock. The identical scale is visible on the exterior (white move ) in 2:30, but graduated in this instance from -10 to +45. Employing both of these scales on the exterior of the bezel together with the slide rule allow real flight rate to be calculated with regard to air temperature and elevation.

Additionally, it features an hour scale in 1 o'clock (speed 60) to 9 o'clock, which may be used to fix any problem associated with distance, time and speed. By blending the logarithmic scales onto the stationary and rotating bezels, values could be added, subtracted, multiplied and even split. Positioned at 9 o'clock, the yellowish transfer indicates the scale in tens of thousands of feet from 0 to 30 and also the red one in 12 o'clock reveals a air temperature climb from -70ˇăC into +50ˇăC. Last, the adjusted bezel of this RM 039 provides an elevation sign in thousands of feet (found at 2:30). Read-off is eased by the inclusion of a detachable index integrated at the border of this case-middle. The desirable calculation will be dependent on the place of the rotating bezel in connection to the fixed bezel.

The motion includes 740 components, such as 58 stones, also has a power reserve of 70 hours (that can be exhibited at two o'clock). It's a balance wheel with varying inertia plus a fast-rotating socket (five hours each revolution instead of the common 7.5 hours).

The scenario, which required over 800 milling operations to create, has its own lugs integrated into the situation meeting. The bezel, centre and caseback are fastened by spline screws at grade 5 titanium. The ceramic top flange is coated with a dark coating treatment and contains hour mark full of luminous substance. The dial along with crystals (front and rear ) are made from sapphire with double-sided anti-glare therapy. The crown has a patented design that guards the center of the motion from external influences.

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